Hello everyone! How are you? Today, I will be talking about a brand new Twitter app that was released yesterday called Leaf.

Leaf has a unique design and has simplicity. Although Leaf doesn’t have some features like mute filters; that doesn’t bother me because that’s something I don’t use. The app has a really nice dark mode. I think it looks better than Tweetbot’s dark mode, in my opinion. In Leaf, there is four different tabs. Your timeline, mentions, direct messages, and search.┬áThe way you view DM’s is totally different than I’ve ever seen. You swipe sideways to get to different threads and there is a button to dismiss the keyboard when you are in the DM’s. When your in the app and get a notification, it pops up in the bottom center of the screen. Streaming is supported in Leaf; both on Wi-Fi and cellular. One thing I wish this app had was more settings to configure like changing the size of the text.

I think this app is nice and I can’t wait to see what changes and new features the developers add to it. I will be using it as my main Twitter client, because I personally feel that Tweetbot is stale. Leaf is currently only an iPhone app and you can purchase it for $4.99

What do you think of Leaf? Let us know by tweeting us on Twitter here. Have a great day!