Hello everyone! How are you? Today, I will be talking about the SlickWraps Black Carbon Fiber skin. I have it for the iPhone 6s Plus but it is available for many different devices. Thanks to SlickWraps for sending this out to review!

I have never used a skin on my iPhone before so I was a bit hesitant before I got it. I thought the installation process would be tricky but it wasn’t! SlickWraps has a step-by-step video tutorial showing you exactly how to apply this on your device. It was super simple and took me less than 10 minutes! The skin looks very “slick” on my iPhone. I really love how it looks on the phone. It provides a good amount of grip since it is carbon fiber. SlickWraps is a good way to really make your device look unique! They have wraps for many different devices, even for consoles, GoPros, and DJI Phantom drone! Check out their website https://www.slickwraps.com and take a look at the pictures I took of my iPhone wrapped in the Carbon Fiber. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter here!I hope you all have a great day!!