Hello everyone! How are you? Today, I will be talking about a music streaming service called Deezer. Before I talk about it, I want to say I was previously with Apple Music but I just didn’t like it a whole lot. Deezer costs $9.99/month and you can try it out for thirty days, which is what I’m doing right now.I really like the UI of the app and it’s simplicity that *cough cough* Apple Music didn’t have. Take a look at the “home” tab. Very clean and let’s you find new music easily. On Deezer, you can listen to live radio stations. Something I find unique about this service is that there is a “Flow” of music you can listen to that plays music from genres that interest you. You can like or dislike the song and that’s how it adapts to your taste of music. I like rap and electronic music and I have found some new music I’ve never heard of before by using Flow so I definitely like it. The last thing I want to talk about is the “mixed for you” section. It has music that are “mixes inspired by your favorite music.” Like I mentioned before, I said I liked electronic music so the first 3 mixes are from different types of that kind of music! There is a Mac app also and it’s really nice! I really am liking Deezer and I’m considering becoming a paid subscriber. What do you think about Deezer? Tweet us here to let us know! Have a great day.img_4356