Hello everyone! How are you?

Recently, I loaded up macOS Sierra on my 12 inch MacBook! macOS Sierra is brining a lot of new changes to the Mac platform, and I wanted to take some time to share my thoughts about the new software!

macOS Sierra, so far, has been treating me very well! I have had no issues! I am running the latest developer beta 3, and I could not happier! This new software, while it does have bugs, is not affecting my everyday use! I am able to use my MacBook just like I was with El Capitan!
One of the main new features I really like is how the desktop, and all your files will back up to iCloud Drive! What this means is, if I want a file from my computer on my iPhone all I have to do is launch up the iCloud Drive app, and find that file! A
Another great feature I am really enjoying is the “Unlock with AppleWatch” feature! What I am able to do is open up the lid of my MacBook, and it can detect whether or not I am wearing my AppleWatch, and if I am then the MacBook will automatically unlock for me without having to type in my password!
One last and final feature I would like to talk about is ApplePay for Mac! ApplePay for Mac is a feature that will allow you to use your iPhone or AppleWatch to authenticate the purcahse coming from Safari on the Mac! This feature works very well when I want to purcashe something super quick online!

So, what are your thoughts on macOS Sierra? Make sure to let us know by tweeting us! You can find iTryTechBlog on twitter by clicking here. Have a fantastic day everyone!