Hello everyone! How are you?

Beta software has become very popular lately with iOS 10, and watchOS 3 beta! Personally though, I actually prefer using these betas! I feel like Apple has actually made these betas “daily driver” worthy! iOS 10, and watchOS 3 have both been treating me very well during my time using them! I will admit, it was kind of rough using the first beta that came with the software, but now that Apple has issued beta 2 for both softwares it is a much better experience! I believe watchOS 3 is a great update over watchOS 2! It is much easier to use the AppleWatch with watchOS 3! When it comes to iOS 10, the iPhone is truly starting to become fantstic in the software department! I really enjoy using the iPhone with iOS now, and I feel like I can really make the iPhone mine!

Overall, yes I prefer beta software! Make sure to let me know your thoughts on beta software by tweeting me! You can find me on Twitter by clicking here. Have a fantastic day everyone!