Hello everyone! How are you?

watchOS is currently talking about watchOS on the stage at WWDC!
watchOS three has just been announced! It will not allow apps to run almost instantly!
They have shown off how apps can open almost instantly!
A new dock is being introduced within watchOS
The new watchOS is going to feature a control center
Messages are getting a refresh within watchOS 3
Apple introduces “Scribble” to allow you top write out your message!
Many new watchOS faces have come within watchOS 3
You can now swipe to choose between watchOS 3 faces!
Reminders, and Find My Friends is coming to watchOS 3
SOS has been introduced within watchOS 3
Activity sharing has now been added to watchOS 3
watchOS is going to benefit wheelchair users to help with activity!
Breathe is a brand new app for health in watchOS 3
ApplePay within apps in watchOS 3
Game Center, and CloudKit are coming to watchOS 3

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