Hello everyone! How are you?

This past week, I had the chance to pick up the Moto 360 gen 2, and have been using it with my Nexus 6P ever since! The new Moto 360 is a fantastic watch, and I really enjoy using it!
My favorite feature of the new Moto 360 would have to be the battery life! I have been able to use my Moto 360 gen 2 for 2 days at a time, and could push it for probably have a dalf more after 2 days!
Another fantastic feature of this watch, is the way it works with Google Fit! I recently went on a hike, and it calculated the amount of calories I burned, the steps I took, and much more!
Overall, I am very pleased with this watch, and plan on having a full review coming up very soon!
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