Hello everyone! How are you?

Apple is set to hold their WWDC conference on June 13, 2016! The conference is said to be home of iOS 10, and much more! With iOS 10, I would like to see multiple things!
Some things I would like to see are: more 3D touch features, a new lock screen, and a new notification center!
To start off, 3D touch has been a feature that I have not found myself using that much! I really enjoy using 3D touch for peek and pop, but it has not been something that has truly changed my experience when using my iPhone! With iOS 10, I would really enjoy to see Apple implement new features into many new apps, and allow for developers to truly get ahold of 3D touch to implement it into the best possible way they could!
Next, a new lock screen! Apple has had the same lockscreen for a while now, and I finally think it is time for a change! I believe Apple should allow us to choose what apps we would like to see down in the bottom left corner where the camera is currently placed! I also think Apple needs to redo notifications on the lock screen!
Lastly, a new notifcation center! I wish Apple would let us design it how we want it! Let us choose which apps we see, and let us choose which notifications we see!
Overall, I am really excited to see what Apple has to offer for iOS 10! Let me know what you think is going to come by tweeting me! You can find me on Twitter by clicking here! Have a fantastic day everyone!