Hello everyone! How are you?

I have used Android for some time now, but what is it like to work with it? When I say work, I am talking about doing the emails, article writing, social media, and much more for websites that I work with!
To start off, I used the Android Marshmallow OS on a Nexus 5x, and a Nexus 9 for this article!
When working, I really enjoy how I was able to do what I wanted with the OS! If I wanted to change how the keyboard was, where the buttons were located, the theme, etc then I could!
The overall Android OS is fantastic, but I noticed a couple of things that were lacking. If I wanted to pick up right where I left off on my Nexus 9 from my 5X, I could not! This was not a major deal breaker, but I would enjoy this feature!
When I was working on the social media side, I loved it! I was able to choose witch browser I wanted to use, which app I wanted, and much more! If I were using iOS I would have been limited to Safari!
Overall, I really enjoy the Android operating system! It does have pros, and cons! Make sure to let me know which operating system you prefer to use by tweeting me! You can find me on Twitter by clicking here. Have a fantastic day everyone!