Hello everyone! How are you?

WWDC is set to kick off on June 13 this summer! Incase you do not already know, WWDC stands for World Wide Developer Conference! This WWDC, Apple is said to show everyone iOS 10, the new watchOS, and show us the first version fo macOS! The iOS 10, is said to have a lot of new features, but no one is really for sure what those will be!
One of the biggest changes coming from WWDC will be the name change from Mac OS X to macOS!
For watchOS and tvOS, there have not been many rumors. Many people think Apple is going to issue the normally software betas that include the new features!
The last thing predicted to come from WWDC, is a MacBook Pro and MacBook Air refresh! The new Macs are said to feature faster processors, faster storage, and come in the new color finish Apple has with the 12in MacBook!
So, what do you think is going to come from WWDC? What do you think the new operating systems will be like? Make sure to let me know by tweeting me! You can find me on Twitter by clicking here. Have a fantastic day everyone!