Hello everyone! How are you?

For the past four years now, I have always had an iPhone by my side. Now, I have used other phones from the Android side, but I always found myself coming right back to the iPhone. The reason I think I find myself coming back is because of how easy it is to use an iPhone! From the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 6s that I am using now, I have never found myself trying to figure out something new! When using Android, I had to go searching for this and that, but with the iPhone nothing changed except for design over the years! 

When I first got an iPhone 4 back in 2010, my journey started! I upgraded to the latest and greatest every year, and never found myself wanting to go back to a previous iPhone! I always liked using the latest and greatest Apple had to offer! When Apple went to the screen size of the iPhone 5, that is the one time I thought about going back to the 4s due to how comfortable I was using the smaller screen! Now, I laugh at myself for wanting to go back due to me using a 5.5 inch iPhone 6s Plus, and 4.7 inch iPhone 6!
I think the greatest aspect of the iPhone would have to be the software! iOS has always been a great thing for the iPhone, and for Apple! I love how easy it is to sync across multiple devices, and be able to pick off right where I left off! When iOS took a big design change with iOS 7, I was ecstatic! I loved how Apple was finally changing the software!
Overall, the iPhone is a fantastic device! I enjoy the ease of use, and all it has to bring! Let me know your thoughts on the iPhone by tweeting me! You can find me on Twitter by clicking here! Have a fantastic day everyone!