Hello everyone! How are you?
Recently, I have been using my iPad more and more to write articles on the website when I am on the road, or just need to make a quick edit! Over the past weekend, I was in my local Apple Store and found the Logitech external keyboard! This keyboard works via Bluetooth, and can connect to my iPad, iPhone, and Mac!
Overall, the keyboard has roughly the same layout as my iMac keyboard which makes it easier to use! The keyboard also comes with volume controls, the command key, and much more!
The whole reason I was looking to get an external keyboard was for the use of being able to write faster, and more efficient when using the iPad!
The main point I would like to cover with this keyboard is the way the keys feel, and the accuracy they have!
The keys themselves, are covered in a soft felt like material! They feel very nice to type on, and have a good amount of travel!
Here is a picture of the keys that are on the keyboard:

When it comes to accuracy, that is where I found a little problem! I am noticing that the keyboard is not missing when I press a key but, sometimes it will invoke the wrong letter/symbol that I type! I found to fix this issue, all I had to do was let the keyboard die completely, and then charge it without using it!
Overall, this keyboard is very nice and I recommend for anyone who is needing an external Bluetooth keyboard for their iPhone, iPad, or iMac! You can find some more information, and pricing by clicking here.
Let me all know your thoughts about this keyboard by tweeting me! You can find me on Twitter by clicking here. Have a fantastic day everyone!