Hello everyone! How are you?

The AppleTV is now in its fourth generation, and I thought I would take some time to talk all about my experience with the AppleTV!
So far, I have had the all new 4th generation AppleTV since the day it was launched! As soon as I got the new product, I was really interested to see all the new things Apple had to offer with this TV! One of the main new features Apple introduced with this 4th generation product, is a brand new OS and remote! Honestly, I am not really for sure if I like the new OS, or hardware! 
With software, Apple introduced tvOS! tvOS is Apple’s all new operating system on the new AppleTV but, I found it rather easy to get use to using due to some of the similarities it has to the old AppleTV software!
With hardware, the new AppleTV is packing a lot! It has new storage options, new ports, faster Wi-Fi, faster everything!
Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the new AppleTV and everything it has to offer! Make sure to let me know your thoughts on the new AppleTV by tweeting me! You can find me on Twitter by clicking here. Have a fantastic day everyone!