Hello everyone! How are you?

Over the past couple of weeks, I have had the experience to play with a drone! The exact drone I was able to get my hands on was, the Protocol Galileo! The drone is a great starter drone that starts at $250! The reason I chose this drone to start off with was because of the price! The drone comes with everything you will need right out of the box, and even includes a camera!
So, what was my experience like flying a drone? Well, it was very interesting for me! Flying the drone, was easy when only flying like 20-30 feet in the air but, when you get 50 feet in the air, that is when things get a little hard! It is really hard to judge the wind up that high, and at times the wind could push the Galileo around a little bit!
Overall, I really enjoyed my experience with this drone! I highly recommend this drone if you are wanting to start out with drones! To find out more about this drone, and to purchase it, click here!
Also, let me know your thoughts about drones by tweeting me! You can find me on Twitter by clicking here! Have a fantastic day everyone!