Hello everyone! How are you?

The past week, I have been testing all kinds of different AppleWatch bands. One band I was testing was the Milanese Loop, and then the other was a third party sport band from Amazon! The main band I would like to talk about today, is the sport band from Amazon.  This band, feel just like the one from Apple. I chose the white knock off band, and it only cost me 15 dollars with shipping! The band feels very official, and it does not feel like it is going to fall off at any time! The knock off band does have the same mechanism Apple uses to fasten the band! Click here to get more details about the band!
Here are a few images of the band:



As you can see, the band looks very identical to one that you could get from Apple! Overall, I am very pleased with this band, and I plan to use it for a while! Let me know your thoughts on third party bands that you use, or that you find interesting by Tweeting me! You can find me on Twitter by clicking here. Have a fantastic day everyone!