Hello everyone! How are you?

2015 was a fantastic year for technology! I love every piece of technology I was able to use for 2015! I actually have two pieces of technology that were my favorite from 2015! My top tech from 2015 would have to be the iPhone 6s Plus, and the AppleWatch!
The iPhone 6s Plus is the latest and greatest from Apple! I love the new 12MP camera, and the all new processing power from the iPhone! My iPhone helps me be more productive everyday, and has helped me in so many ways!
The AppleWatch is on my top tech for 2015! The AppleWatch is a great accessory for your iPhone! I love how I am not having to use my iPhone as much since, the basic stuff that I do on my iPhone is right on my wrist!
The AppleWatch and iPhone 6s Plus, truly helped me during 2015 to become more active, productive, and much more!
So, what has been your top tech from 2015? Let me know by Tweeting me! You can find me on Twitter by clicking here! Have a fantastic day everyone!