Hello everyone! How are you?

This Christmas, I received an AppleWatch! The AppleWatch I received was the Sport Model 42 mm! So far, I love using the AppleWatch! Over the past year or so, I have used smartwatches like the Pebble, and Fitbit Surge! Those smartwatches did well when using them but, I have enjoyed my time more with the AppleWatch! Some key points I would like to touch on with the AppleWatch is, performance, daily usage, and battery life!
To start off, lets talk about performance! The AppleWatch offers some great performance. So far, I have yet to experience a stutter with my usage! Anything I am doing on my watch is able to offer the performance I expect!
The next thing I would like to talk about is daily usage! I have been using my AppleWatch for five days now, and I have enjoyed every day so far! The AppleWatch is a great accessory to have with your iPhone! I love being able to take a call from my watch when driving, or responding to a text right on the fly! So far, my daily usage has been fantastic! I will report more on daily usage during my full AppleWatch review!
The last thing I would like to talk about is battery life! Battery life has been perfect on my watch so far! I am able to go all day and half of the next on my AppleWatch. I would consider myself a mild heavy user when it comes to the watch. There has only been one time I had to use power reserve mode on my watch! When using power reserve, I noticed the performance of the watch went down but, that was expected so I had no issue with it!

So, do you use an AppleWatch? Do you use any other smart watch? Let me know by Tweeting me! You can find me on Twitter by clicking here. Have a fantastic day everyone!