Hello everyone! How are you?

Ever since iOS 7, I have been using beta software from Apple on my iPhone for major releases. I always like to see what Apple has to offer behind the scenes before the public is able to see. Well, with iOS 9.2, I stopped using the beta software. I thought I would use the iOS that the public was on to see how that experience went. Overall, I really enjoy my experience! I noticed that I did not have all the bugs, stability was amazing, and the over experience was great.
Another thing I noticed during all my beta testing was the public beta that Apple offered. Usually, Apple would only offer beta software to developers through their Developer Portal that cost $99 dollars a year. When Apple started offering public beta software, I instantly switched for about two or three beta rounds. When I was using the public beta, I noticed that it was more stable. The reason I think it was more stable was because of the feedback Apple was able to get with the public being able to use their beta software.
Currently, I am not using any beta software. The next time I plan to use beta software is when Apple releases iOS 10!
So, is using beta software worth it? The answer, in my opion, is yes. The main reason I am saying yes is because of public beta software offered by Apple. You are able to use the same beta iOS that developers are using.

So, will you be installing the iOS beta software on your iOS device? Are you already using the beta software? Make sure to let me know down in a comment below or by Tweeting me! You can find me on Twitter by clicking here. Have a fantastic day everyone!