Hello everyone! How are you?

Yesterday, was the first day I was really able to sit down and see what the new AppleTV is all about. From first impressions, I really like the new UI, and the all new remote! One of my favorite parts of the new AppleTV is the AppStore. The AppStore is a place full of games and apps that can be downloaded. Some of the apps are free, and some are paid.
Now, when it comes to gaming on the new AppleTV well, you are in for a whole new experience. Last night, I downloaded Crossy Road, and Asphalt 8. These two games were super fun to play with the all new remote! The new AppleTV remote has a whole plethora of new sensors inside so it can track motion. Playing Asphalt 8 was extremely fun because I was able to use the remote as a steering wheel! The reason I downloaded Crossy Road was for multiplayer. The way multiplayer works for this game,is one person is on their phone, and one in using the AppleTV remote! The game was extremely fun!

So, do you have the all new AppleTV? If so, let me know down in the comments below! You can also let me know by tweeting me. I can be found on Twitter by clicking here. Have a fantastic day everyone!