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With the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, Apple took a different route when it comes to the chips inside the device. Apple is actually using either a Samsung or TSMC chip. The actual chip these companies are making is the A9 chip inside the new iPhone.
With these new chips, many users have been reporting some bad things for the Samsung made chip. People have been reporting that if their device has the Samsung chip, then battery life and performance has been a little on the bad side.
Here is some information about the chips:
iPhone 6s Samsung model number: N71AP
iPhone 6s TSMC model number: N71MAP
iPhone 6s Plus Samsung model number: N66AP
iPhone 6s Plus TSMC model number: N66MAP
By clicking here, you can download an app from the AppStore to tell which phone you have.

Also, here is a video from Austin Evans explaining some stuff about Chipgate:

So, which chip does your iPhone have? The Samsung, or the TSMC? Let me know by tweeting me! You can tweet me by clicking here! Have a great day everyone!