Hello everyone! How are you?

Tweetbot has been a third party Twitter client for quite some time now! Tweetbot is now in its fourth generation and has finally made it on the AppStore! Tweetbot will run you $4.99 but, it is well worth it!
Here are a picture of Tweetbot 4:


Here is also some stuff that is new in Tweetbot 4:
iPad Support (Universal)
Landscape Support added to iPhone
New Statistics and Activity View
New Column View in Landscape on iPad and the iPhone 6+
Split View Multi-tasking on iPad
More Granular Mute Filter Settings
Quick Reply from Notifications
Safari View Controller with Support for Content Blockers
Improved User Profiles
Optimized Status Detail
Refreshed User Interface
Many Optimizations Under the Hood

If you decide to download Tweetbot 4, let me know by Tweeting me! You can tweet me by clicking here. Have a great day everyone!