Hello everyone! How are you?

Last Friday, and all this weekend, many people have been getting their new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus! Me personally, I do not get mine until mid October but, I thought what better way to get ready for the new iPhone to not use one of the new wallpapers! These wallpapers, are directly from Apple and are found on the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus!
Here are the wallpapers:
iPhone-6s-Fish-Gold-Wallpaper-576x1024 iPhone-6s-Fish-Pink-Wallpaper-576x1024 iPhone-6s-Fish-Red-Wallpaper-576x1024

  iPhone-6s-White-Ink-Wallpaper-576x1024  iPhone-6s-Blue-Ink-Wallpaper-576x1024

As you can see, these wallpapers are amazingly designed! If you decide to use these wallpapers, be sure to tweet me! You can tweet me by clicking here! Have a fantastic weekend everyone!