Hello everyone! How are you?

Today, I would like to share some thoughts on Android and iOS. I really enjoy both operating systems but, I thought it was time I share my versus on them with my opinions mixed in!

iOS and Android are the two major operating systems in use currently. iOS has some upper advantages over Android and Android has some upper advantages over iOS. To start off, I would like to list some of the upper advantages iOS has over Android.
iOS, is always said to be the more easier operating system to use. iOS has simple menus, and seems to just flow. Android on the other hand, seems more complex and for the more “power user.” The upper advantage iOS has on Android would have to be the easy to use operating system, the more UI friendly, and just an overall better experience. The upper advantage Android has on iOS, would have to be that it is more complex. With it being so complex, I feel like you are able to get more done. With Android, you are able to root and be able to install custom ROMS which will allow you to get more done by allowing you to decide what you want present on your phone right then and there. With iOS, you are able to jailbreak and get more functionality out of your phone which is great but, most people want to be on the latest and greatest operating system.

Overall, I love both operating systems the same. I enjoy using both and I can never see myself falling into one OS and using it as my primary. Right now, I am using Android but when iOS 9 is officially made available to the public, I can see myself switching to feel what it is like to be on the latest and greatest OS.
So, what operating system do you prefer? Which operating system do you thinks brings more functionality? Let me know by tweeting me! You can find me on Twitter by clicking here! Have a great day everyone!