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Yesterday, Google announced that Android Wear devices like the LG Watch Urbane, would start to work on iOS with the all new Android Wear app! The new app is free on the AppStore and will allow you to pair your Android Wear device with an iPhone.
Google stated, that the only Android Wear device that would work with the iPhone right now, is the LG Watch Urbane. Many people have found away around this though, and we are stating to see devices like the Moto 360 starting to work on the iPhone.
Here is a very nicely done video made by Droid Life showing off the new Android Wear for iOS:

As you can see, Android Wear on iOS, does have it bugs, but this has only been out in the public for less than a day now! I believe Google will continue to do some really cool things with Android Wear for iOS and I believe we will start to see many more devices soon!
So, are you happy that you know have a choice between an Android Wear device and an AppleWatch if you are on an iPhone? Which Android Wear device do you prefer to use on iOS? Let me know by tweeting me! You can find me on Twitter by clicking here. Have a great day everyone!