Hello everyone! How are you?

As you all know, I had the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I was really enjoying my Note 4 until I realized that I was missing iOS. iOS has always been my go to operating system due to the simplicity and easy to use ecosystem. Also, the iPhone is one of those devices, that just “seems to work.”
When using an iPhone, I feel like I am truly connected to the device. I feel like I am not trying to find out which setting to turn off that is causing lag or trying to find out which app works best for social media and different stuff like.
With iOS, always advancing, it feels like everything is just getting better and always working. I feel like when I use an iPhone, I never have any troubles. When using the Note 4, I was always searching for that one setting to turn off to stop lag or turning off that one setting to save some battery life. One thing I absolutely loved about the Note 4 was, the camera. The camera on the Note 4 was amazing! It took the perfect shot and always made the picture look amazing! The iPhone 6 camera, is amazing as well but, I feel like I was getting the better looking shot when I used the Note 4.
To conclude, I really enjoyed the Note 4 and all it brought but, I found myself having a better time when using my iPhone 6.
So, which device would you prefer? Do you prefer using the iOS or Android operating system? Let me know by tweeting me. You can find me on Twitter by clicking here. Have a great day everyone!