Hello everyone! How are you?

As you all know, I recently switched from my iPhone 6 Plus to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I am loving the Note 4 and all it can do but, the one thing I haven’t really been able to grab onto yet is TouchWiz. TouchWiz is Samsung’s skin that they lay over the top of Andrlid. TouchWiz will add a lot of cool things to regular stock Android. Some of these cool things include the many quick settings, the apps that Samsung provides, and much more!
Here a picture of all the quick settings:


Another really nice feature with the Note 4 and TouchWiz is the ability to split screen multitask! I enjoy how if I need to write an email but need to look something up first, I can easily just open Chrome and still be able to see my email!
I also enjoy what Samsung is doing with the UI of the New TouchWiz with the S6 and Note 5. I really hope that UI will come to the Note 4 in a later update!

So, are you a fan of TouchWiz? Do you prefer stock Android? Let me know by tweeting me! You can find me on Twitter by clicking here. Have a great day everyone!