Hello everyone! How are you?

Recently, I wrote a post on jailbreaking which, can be found by clicking here. In that post, I said that I like jailbreaking and rooting but, I think my thoughts have changed about jailbreaking. With iOS advancing in so many ways, I am noticing that I keep fading away from jailbreaking. My favorite part of jailbreaking, has always been the themes. I am in love with all the different themes that you can find on Cydia!
When it comes to tweaks, that is a whole different story. Sure, there are a plethora of great themes out there on Cydia that can enhance the usage of my iPhone! The only thing is, I am noticing that the only thing that is keeping me coming back to jailbreaking is the themes and maybe one or two tweaks.
With me having an iPhone 6 Plus now I have noticed that there a lot of more tweaks that can further enhance my usage with my device. Right now, I am jailbroken but, I have nothing installed. I am going to install a few themes to write reviews for them and see how those turn out but, I have just not found very many tweaks that I 100% need to enhance my time with my iPhone 6 Plus!
So, do you jailbreak your iOS device? If so let me know what tweaks and themes you are using by tweeting me! You can find me on Twitter by clicking here. Have a great day everyone!