Hello everyone! How are you?

As you all may know, I recently got the iPhone 6. I really enjoyed my iPhone 6 and it was one of my favorite devices that I had ever used! Well, one of my co-workers was wanting an iPhone 6 and I was wanting an iPhone 6 Plus so, we made the trade! I am glad to report now, that I am using a 16GB iPhone 6 Plus in Space Gray!
I am really enjoying the 6 Plus more than the iPhone 6. Some reasons that I like the 6 Plus more then the 6 are, a bigger screen, better camera, bigger battery. With me using phones like the OnePlus One, Moto X, and Nexus 5, I am use to phones with bigger screens! The iPhone 6 Plus fits right into my sweet spot when it comes to phone sizes! I really like to watch YouTube videos and record video on this iPhone much more then I did with my regular iPhone 6!

I am currently rocking a slim case from a company called JETech that was picked up from a local Walmart! The case is actually really nice and allows for as much protection as I need! I believe the next thing I will get for my iPhone 6 Plus is a skin! I really enjoy using skins from all different companies! Also, at the time of this article, I am currently waiting for my Poetic Revolution case to come in for my iPhone 6 Plus! I will have a review for that case as soon as it gets here!
So, what phone are you using? Do you switch phones often like I do? If so, let me know by Tweeting me! You can find me on Twitter by clicking here. Have a fantastic day everyone!