Hello everyone! How are you? 

As you all know, I recently told you that I was looking into getting the iPhone 6. Well, I am glad to say that yes, I did the iPhone 6 and I enjoying it so much more then my iPhone 5. My iPhone 6 is so much faster and able to do some much more! My favorite thing is the camera and TouchID. I really enjoy how I can just place my finger on the home button and my phone will unlock! I also really enjoy the battery life of the iPhone 6. I start my day around 5:45AM and end my day right around 8PM. With my iPhone 6, I am able to easily get through the entire day with about 20-25 percent battery left! With my iPhone 5, I would be charging it back up to 100% at least once or twice a day just to have it last me all day. I love how now with my iPhone 6, I do not really need to worry if my external battery pack is charger because I know that I will be home in time to charge my device when needed! 

I really hope you all enjoyed this article! Let me know over on Twitter which iPhone you have and how you are enjoying it! You can find me on Twitter by clicking here! Have a fantastic day everyone!