Hello everyone! How are you? 

I’m sure if you own an iOS device or an Android device, you know what Jailbreaking or Rooting. If not, Jailbreaking is when you are breaking away from Apple’s restrictions on your iOS device. Jailbreaking will install an app on your iOS device called Cydia. Cydia is the place where you will download all the tweaks, and themes you wish you to download. 

Rooting, is where you are gaining root access to your Android device. Many people root their device for the ability to install custom ROMS. A custom ROM like Cyanogenmod, Resurection Remix, etc. are different operating systems that run your Android device. With Android already being mostly customizable, rooting may not be used as much as Jailbreaking. 

So, do you jailbreak your iOS device? Do you root your Android device? Make sure to let me know by tweeting me! You can find me on Twitter by clicking here. Have a great day everyone!