Hello everyone! How are you?

I have been using AppleMusic ever since it was released on June 30. My experience with AppleMusic has been wonderful so far and I am really enjoying the offline mode! Since I use my OnePlus One as my daily driver, I just use my iPhone for all my music! So far, I have marked about 50 songs for offline use on AppleMusic and not once have I had a problem with listening to them in the car or when I go running!

When my free three months of AppleMusic expires, I think I might buy it for one for month to see how that goes but, I am not sure if I will make the official switch from it from Spotify and Pandora. Right now, I am waiting to see if Apple will introduce pricing for students like Spotify did. If Apple were to have a student pricing then, I would make the official switch!

When Apple brings AppleMusic to iOS 9 beta, I will be updating to the betas! I will report about my experience about AppleMusic when using a beta software!

If you are using AppleMusic, be sure to let me know how your experience is going by Tweeting me! You can find me on Twitter by clicking here. Have a great day everyone!