Hello everyone! How are you?

Google had their annual Google I/O keynote yesterday. During the keynote, a lot of new stuff was announced. The biggest announcement would be Android M and you can read all about Android M by clicking here. A lot of other stuff was announced during the keynote and with all these announcements, I feel like Google is headed in the right direction. Google is focusing on stability and making the experience better.
Google also announced that they will be going to USB-C. USB-C is a charging and syncing method that seems to a lot easier and allow more features. Google did confirm that a new device would be coming soon that has USB-C inside.

My overall thoughts on the keynote are, I really like it but I feel like Google could have done more but I understand why they held off. I do like the look and I am excited to be able to try out Android M. I feel like Google did the right thing with Android M by focusing on making the experience better instead of throwing a lot of new features inside the OS and making it more buggy and having to take more time to get all of the bugs out.

Let me know what you thoughts about the event if you were able to watch it! If you were unable to watch it then you can click here to watch the replay! You can let me know your thoughts by tweeting me. You can find me on Twitter by clicking here. Have a great day everyone!