Hello everyone! How are you? 

As you all may know, I use an iPhone 5 as my daily phone. I enjoy using my iPhone every day but, I’m ready to get back into the Android world. I have decided that I will be getting a OnePlus One. 

With me getting the OnePlus One and still having my iPhone, I will be able to make edits on post super fast and be able to post more when I am on the go! I have had a OnePlus One before and I enjoyed every moment I had with it! The reason I got rid of my previous OnePlus One was because it was having some volume button issues. I feel like I have waited long enough for OnePlus to work out their current issues with the One and I will report back when I get the phone! 

Do you have an Android phone? If so, which one? Do you enjoy it? Would you rather switch to iPhone? Be sure to let me know over on Twitter! You can find me on Twitter by clicking here. Have a good day everyone!