Hello everyone! How are you today?

Do you prefer showing off your new phone for a little less protection or do you prefer protecting your phone? If you chose the show off with little protection then your are most likely using a bumper. If you chose the option for protection overall, then you are most likely using a case! Cases and bumpers are both excellent options when it comes to protecting your phone. I prefer to mainly use a bumper as I hardly ever drop my phone plus, I like the way the back of my iPhone 5 feels in the hand! If I am to use a case, it is either my LifeProof or Mophie case. I mainly like to carry around my Mophie so I can charge my phone on the go if I desperately need too. Multiple companies now, are coming out with bumpers that will feature case like protection. My next bumper purchase will definitely be one that will feature case like protection. I prefer being able to protect my phone a little and to be able to show off the true look of the iPhone.

So, do you prefer a bumper or case? Be sure to let me know by tweeting me! You can find me on Twitter by clicking here. Have a great day everyone!