Hello everyone! How are you?

I am planning on getting a new phone this summer right around the time of my birthday and I am debating on what new phone to get. My current choices are, iPhone 6 Plus, OnePlus One, and Note 4. I am leaning mostly towards the OnePlus One because, I have already had one. The OnePlus One was a great phone and worked very well with the task I used it for! When I get my new phone, I will hang on to my iPhone 5 just so I can edit post on the go when I am using my OnePlus One for something else.
The reason I was thinking about the Note 4 and 6 Plus is just because I have seen multiple people use them and like them. Right now, my choice is the OnePlus One but, I will continue to watch multiple reviews on each device and make my final decision around the time of my birthday.
Here are a picture of the devices that I am debating between:


All of these phones would meet my needs and would work perfect for me! Like I said above, I will continue to check out multiple reviews of each device and will report back when I make my final decision!
Be sure to tell me what device you think I should get by tweeting me! You can find me on Twitter by clicking here. Have a good day everyone!