Hello everyone! How are you?

In this article, I would like to tell you all a few reasons on why I plan to switch to Android this summer. To start off, my iPhone has served me well! Very well to be exact but, I think it is time for a change. I enjoy using my iPhone very much! I love all the apps and the simple user interface! The main reason I want to switch to Android is because of how easy it is to customize Android. I am planning on getting the OnePlus One or Alcatel One Touch Idol 3! I have not made my full decision yet! I have owned the OnePlus One in the past and really enjoyed it! I loved how easy it was to customize my OS by using CyanogenMod! I feel like if I was to switch to Android, I would be able to get more done with the website as I would have two phones with me at all times! I plan to keep my iPhone for things like editing on the go and everything! The main reason I am choosing between the OnePlus One and the Idol 3 is because, I have heard/seen great reviews on both! My main device I am learning towards is the OnePlus One because, I have already had one but I will have to do some more research on both devices to make my final decision! The Idol 3 has front facing speakers and a great camera so I might be going with that device due to the features it brings!
Here is a picture of the OnePlus One and Idol 3:
15703321214_b2e4727a7c_b   Idol 1_w1140_h400

I have yet to make my full decision but I will be sure to let you all know as soon as I make a full decision! Let me know what phone you all think I should get by tweeting me! You can find me on Twitter by clicking here. Have a good day everyone!