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I have been on Twitter lately and it seems I am starting to see a lot of talk about people wanting to jailbreak the AppleWatch. My initial thought was, “That is pretty cool!” but then I got to thinking, what possible use could it bring? The biggest feature it could bring in my opinion is custom watch faces. Apple said they would not be allowing third party faces to come in the AppStore for the AppleWatch. Jailbreaking could do a lot of cool things for the AppleWatch but honestly, is it worth it? Also, how would we jailbreak the AppleWatch? Would we have to use the diagnostic port that is covered? The questions are endless when it comes to this topic!
I think it would be super cool if we could see the AppleWatch jailbroken because, I think it would be cool to run themes on the AppleWatch and to see different watch faces people could come up with! I will continue to report on any information I hear about jailbreaking!
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