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Have you been looking for a new phone lately? If you have then, you might have noticed that a lot of phones are starting to become what people call “budget smartphones.” These budget smartphones are changing though. Now, you are starting to see these budget phones come with flagship like specs. For example, the OnePlus One. The OnePlus One is coming with flagship specs but, it only cost $349 for the 64GB model. Another example of the budget smartphone that is coming with flagship specs is the Alcatel Idol One Touch 3. This phone is coming with flagship specs and only cost $279.
The future of smartphones looks very promising for budget smartphones with flagship specs. A lot of companies have started focusing on the budget market. Motorola for example, has the Moto G. The Moto G is coming with like flagship like specs for only $179
Here are a picture of the OnePlus One, Alcatel Idol One Touch 3, and the Moto G:



As you can see, all these smartphones are absolutely beautiful and all are coming with great specs and all of them are coming in under $350
You can find all of the specs of these phones by doing a quick Google search!
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