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The AppleWatch has been out for a few days now and I have already seen some good and some bad from it. I personally do not own one as I was waiting for the reviews to go up. After seeings the reviews, I have decided that I actually do not want the AppleWatch. The reason I do not want the AppleWatch is because, I think you are not getting what you actually paid for. Does anyone else think like this? I think Apple could have used higher end specs in the AppleWatch. My thoughts are we will see higher end specs in the second generation for hopefully, the same price. Many rumors have said that we will see the next generation of AppleWatch in two to three years but no one is for sure right now. Also, my ultimate question is, “Why would someone spend $10,000 plus on a gold AppleWatch that is going to be upgraded in some amount of time?” I think Apple is going towards the fashion industry with this product and honestly, I do not think that is the path Apple needs to be going down right now. Maybe my thoughts are wrong. I am not for sure right now.
Here are a few pictures of the different AppleWatch’s:
og_apple_watch applewatch og_apple_watch_sport

From the images, you can tell the AppleWatch is absolutely gorgeous. The only problem is, in my opinion, is that you just are not getting what you paid for! I hope you all enjoyed my little rant about the AppleWatch. Be sure to share your thoughts about the AppleWatch with me over on Twitter. You can find me on Twitter by clicking here! Have a good day everyone!