Hello everyone! How are you today?

As you all may know by now, the AppleWatch started being delivered yesterday to the people who were able to get in their pre-orders before shipping times started slipping into May and even June!
If you were able to get your AppleWatch yesterday then, you could find that the setup process looks simple! Simple can be deceiving though!
My good friend Canoopsy actually just made a video showing how to setup and pair the AppleWatch! So, if you are having trouble, then sit back and watch his latest video!

As you can see from the video, the Setup process is very simple but does take some time!
I would like to thank Canoopsy for letting me use his video for demonstration purpose!
Be sure to share your thoughts with me on how process looks and feels! You can share your thoughts with me by Tweeting me! I can be found on Twitter by clicking here! Have a good day everyone!