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Do you ever get tired of going into Cydia everyday and checking to see if any of your tweaks or themes have been updated? If so, then I have the perfect tweak for you! CyNotifier, developed by rbt is a tweak that will notify you when an update for any Tweak or Theme that you have installed gets updated in Cydia. The tweak is in the early stages coming with version 1.0.0 in Cydia at this current moment but the developer has promised that it will be updated with improvements and new features in the future!
Here are some images of the tweak:
IMG_0878 IMG_0879 IMG_0880 IMG_0881 IMG_0882

Here is an email I received from the developer of the tweak:

Well, I can tell you about the functionality which is very different compared to Curiosa for example.
CyNotifier does not use the apt packaging tool to scan for updates. The updates are queried from my own server. The advantage is that one update check only uses about 10 kB of data and takes less than 5 seconds. So it’s absolutely safe to use on a mobile data connection. This also helps the repo owners in reducing the traffic caused by other tweaks like Curiosa.

I believe this tweak has great potential! I hope you all enjoy the tweak! Be sure to share your thoughts on the tweak with me over on Twitter. You can find me on Twitter by clicking here. Have a good day everyone!