Hello everyone! How are you?

Many themes have been released on Cydia lately but, one in-particular caught my eye this time around. The themes name is Indigo! Indigo was developed by a man named Chon Lee. Chon has said that the theme has 30 plus icons themed, 20 plus alternate icons, a status bar theme, control center theme, and the preference icons have been themed! Indigo looks very nice with about any wallpaper you have and looks great with any iPhone! Indigo will cost you $2.50 but it is well worth it!
Here are multiple images from Cydia:
image1  image2  image3

  image5  image6


I hope you all enjoy this theme! Be sure to let myself and Chon know your thoughts about the theme! You can find him on Twitter by clicking here. You can find me on Twitter by clicking here. Have a good day everyone!