Hello everyone! How are you?

Over the weekend, I was trying to achieve the perfect iOS 6 look on my iPhone which is running iOS 8. I had it all down pact but, my Notification Center and Control Center was still looking like iOS 8. Well, I looked on Twitter for a tweak and found one called Vex. Vex will allow you to theme the Control Center and Notification Center. The tweak will allow you to go in and change the look of both! There are multiple themes to pick from and the tweak will even allow you to create your own!
Here are multiple screenshots from Cydia and the settings of the tweak:
image1  image2  image3

image4  image5  image6

image7  image8  image9

image10  image11  image12

I hope you all enjoyed this tweak! I would like to thank AtomDevTeam for gifting me this tweak for review! If you download the tweak be sure to let me know! You can share your thoughts with me by Tweeting me! You can find me on Twitter by clicking here. Have a good day everyone!