Hello everyone! How are you?

Do you ever want to be able to access your most recent apps but do not want to have to double click the home button to get to the multitasking view? If you answered yes to the question then, I have the perfect tweak for you! The tweaks name is Return and is developed by william_vab. The tweak will cost you $0.99 and is well worth it! I have noticed during my time of using Return that I am no longer really using the multitasking view! Return has many settings! You will be able to set how many apps you see, and how you see the apps in the Return View. To access Return, just simply swipe up like you would for the control center!
Here are some images of the tweak:
IMG_0816  IMG_0817  IMG_0818IMG_0819  IMG_0820  IMG_0821

Return is a simple and elegant tweak but, it brings a lot of functionality! Be sure to let me know if you download the tweak and then share your thoughts with me! You can Tweet me your thoughts by clicking here!
Have a good day everyone!