Hello everyone! How are you?

As you all may know, Apple just released iOS 8.3 yesterday! This update brings some huge improvements to the iOS platform and also, brings some new features. The ultimate question is being asked though. “Should I update?” The answer though, can be kind of hard to give. To start off, if you are jailbroken, I personally do not recommend you update as there is no word on when the next jailbreak will be available. If you plan on jailbreaking, I also advise you not to update due to the same reason. If you are not a jailbreaker then, I advise you to update as there are some very significant improvements that come from the new iOS 8.3
Some of the new features include, being able to tell Siri to place a call on speakerphone, the new emojis, and many improvements.
Here are a picture of the new emojis:

Also, Apple has added support for wireless CarPlay. What this means is, if you car supports it, you will no longer have to have you iPhone plugged in when connected to CarPlay! Also, Apple has added some improvements to the messages app. Now, you have to option to have messages that come in from unknown numbers to be sorted out from messages that you have come in from people in your contacts.
Here are a few images showing off the new Message improvements:


I think Apple has done very well with this new version of iOS! Be sure to let me know if you plan on downloading it by Tweeting me! You can find me on Twitter by clicking here. Have a good day everyone!