Hello everyone! How are you?

Do you have a Windows PC? If so, what software do you use? Windows 7? Windows 8? If you answer no to both of those questions then, you are probably running Windows 10. I personally run Windows 10 on my PC and I am very pleased with it! I thought I would take this time to share my thoughts and impressions on Windows 10. The first thing you will notice when you install Windows 10 is, that there is a new feel to it. Windows 10 feels faster and smoother than Windows 8! Also, I really do enjoy how Windows 10 brings back the start menu! It makes navigating through everything so much easier! Also, I would like to take a moment to talk about Cortana within Windows 10. Cortana has made my web surfing and event checking a lot easier on Windows 10! I like how I can just click into the search field and then tell Cortana what I would like to do! Cortana has come a long way since the first version of Windows 10! I am glad to see what Microsoft has in store for Cortana within Windows 10! The final thing I would like to talk about is just a few complaints I have within Windows 10. Truth be told, I have no complaints with Windows 10! I enjoy every part of it! Everything is running smoothly and there are no stutters! All apps that I use are working very well! I will continue to report if there are any problems that come up or if, any new features come in! Also, when Windows 10 comes out to the public, I will do my full review!

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