Hello everyone! How are you?

Just last night, CoolStar and Jeremy Goulet released an all new tweak called ClassicFolders. You could pretty much guess what this tweak does by the name of it! Have you guessed yet? Did you guess “It brings back the classic folder style and feeling?” If you guessed that then, you’re right! ClassicFolders does bring back the old style and feel but, if you just want the feeling then you can choose the modern mode which is what I use! The tweak will cost you $0.99 but act FAST! There is a price increase that is going happen!
Here are a few pictures of ClassicFolders in action:



As you can see, ClassicFolders is a very well crafted tweak! It works absolutely perfect! CoolStar has said though, if you have any tweaks that hide the page dots, that could affect ClassicFolders.
Now, about the giveaway, Jeremy Goulet has said that I am allowed to giveaway a copy of ClassicFolders! To enter, please tweet me by clicking here with a short message on why you would want to win! I will then pick one lucky person to get a free copy of ClassicFolders!
Have a good day everyone! I would like to say thank you to Jeremy Goulet and CoolStar for allowing me to review and giveaway a copy of this tweak! You can find them both on Twitter by clicking here for CoolStar and here for Jeremy Goulet!