Hello everyone! How are you?

Over the past couple week or so, I have been debating on my favorite tweak and theme. I think I have finally found the answer! My favorite tweak would have to be LittleBrother. LittleBrother allows me to run the iPhone 6 resolution on my iPhone 5 allowing me to get more screen real-estate on my iPhone.
Little brother allows me to go from five rows of icons to six which allows me to fit four more apps on my other screens allowing me to have more apps where I need them! My favorite theme right now, would have to be Flat6. Flat6 is gorgeously designed and is the type of icons I have always liked! Flat6 themes about 85% of my icons but I am working on emailing the developer to request the rest of the icons!
Here is an image of the LittleBrother settings:

Here are two images from Flat6:
img_0629 img_0630

LittleBrother and Flat6 are absolutely amazing! You can read more about LittleBrother here. You can read more about Flat6 here.
Have a good day everyone! I hope you enjoy the tweak and theme!