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Just a little over a year ago, we got our first look at AuxoLE. Everyone went crazy over it. What AuxoLE does is it brings back the original look and feel of the first Auxo version. If you do not know, Auxo is a tweak that combines your control center and multitasking views. AuxoLE will cost you $0.99 if you have owned Auxo 3 and if you have not, it will cost you $1.99
Here are several images of AuxoLE:

Here is the App Switcher page:

Here is the Auxiliary Page:

Here are the Advanced Options of the tweak:

Here are the creators of the tweak:

Just swipe up to see the new AuxoLE:

Swipe to the right to see the music controls:

Swipe to the right again to see toggles:

Swipe up again to see more toggles:

Hold on one of the apps to be able to close all apps:

There is also an “Easter Egg” built into AuxoLE. If you hold on the heart until it vibrates, in the main settings you will get the iOS 6 look:

I think you all will really like this tweak. It is a truly groundbreaking tweak. I have seen multiple great things said about this tweak. My only complaint is, I wish that when you double clicked the home button, it would come up with AuxoLE. Instead, you swipe up like you are going to activate the control center to get into the tweak.
Let me know if you are going to use this tweak by telling me on Twitter. You can find me on Twitter by clicking here. Have a good day everyone!