Hello everyone! How are you?

The way to a great iPhone, is to have a great iPhone setup? Am I right or wrong? I’ll leave you to decide! Anyways, I would like to take some time to show you guys my iPhone setup. It starts off, with my homescreen! All stock apps with a few third party apps here and there. I am not much a fan of folders but there is just one folder on my homescreen. Here is a picture of my homescreen and the one folder:
IMG_0657  IMG_0658  IMG_0659

As you can see, I like to stay as stock as possible when it comes to my setup but, there are a few exceptions. The only two third party apps that I have on my homescreen that are not from Apple are TeamViewer and Calbot. TeamViewer allows me to control my computer for when I am away from it on my iPhone and Calbot, is a calculator app!
The next page, is all my social media apps. I prefer using some third party apps over the normal stock social media apps only because, I find the third party apps allow more functionality. Here is a picture of the second page on my iPhone:

As you can see, all social media apps except for the last two rows. I prefer using the last two rows for apps like Google Drive, and Google Hangouts. I also prefer using the last row as apps that I need for school like Quizlet and 1Password! All of the apps on the second page are what help me get through my day successfully!

The next page of apps are apps that are video/music playing apps along with a few shopping apps like eBay and Best Buy, etc. This page of Apps help me if I am listening to some music or watching a YouTube video! This page also helps me, if I need to track a package or if I want to search Amazon or eBay for something new to buy! Here is a picture of my third page of apps:

The last and final page of apps includes apps tat I rarely use. The only main apps I use on this page are Cydia. I only like to keep the stock social media apps on this page just incase I ever drastically have to use them! I also like to keep my wallpaper apps on this page! Here is a picture of my last and final page of apps:

So, how do you like my setup? How should I change it? Let me know by Tweeting me! You can find me on Twitter by clicking here. Have a good day everyone!